SIEC is an organisation that aims at social integration and empowerment of SEE region via individual and group coaching in the areas of education, legal assistance, employment and psycho-social support.

Core programmes

SIEC is a citizens’ centre where individuals can work on their personal self—advancement via various socio-economic and psycho-social, tailor-made programmes.

General areas

• Education
• Employment
• Legal literacy / assistance
• Psycho-social support

General activities

• Individual and group coaching sessions
• Self-development courses and workshops
• Workshops regarding legal aid literacy

About us

Our mission is to contribute to returning the dignity and self-respect to the people of the South-Eastern European region by empowering people individually. Individual self-empowerment and personal development will lead to improved social integration.

What we offer

We are innovative in the way we treat people in need – our approach is friendly, encouraging, and with a deep sense of respect for the dignity of every individual, whether they are a homeless person or a person with a satisfactory socio-economic status.

Join Us

Supporting SIEC will mean that you will become a part of our vision of believing in higher social values and trying to combine a social impact business approach with true care for every individual in our society.

We are experienced and eager to improve personal and social development!

Mr. Oliver Mitov

General Director

Mr. Mitov is a lawyer with many years of working within the NGO sector. In the past, he was a legal advisor for free legal aid, specializing in anti-discrimination and protection of fundamental human rights. Furthermore, he is experienced in monitoring national laws, including the judicial and administrative procedures, advocacy and strategic litigation issues. Strengthening organizational capacity (legal, administrative, financial) and human resource management are his specialties.

Ms. Gordana Rodic

Executive Director

Drs. Rodic-Kitanovska (M.A.) has a considerable work experience in the NGO sector both in South-Eastern and Western Europe. One of her relevant long-term engagements was the position of the International Programme Manager for the European Centre for Minority Issues, with experience and expertise in the areas of education, employment, health, and human rights.

Ms. Ljiljana Skuletic

Ms. Ljiljana Skuletic

Financial Manager

Ms. Skuletic has an extensive experience both in the private and business sector; she a former entrepreneur who is passionate about passing her expertise in financial management and working directly within marginalized communities.
She specializes in financial management, diplomatic relations and event planning.

Mr. Aleksandar Kitanovski

Logistical Manager

Mr. Kitanovski is a sociologist with an extensive and practical experience in logistical and administrative support.

Mrs. Maja Danon

Personal Development International Expert

Drs. Danon – apart from having completed several relevant University studies such as Political and Social Sciences, Ms. Danon is a certified Family & Relations Therapist, a Social Worker, an advanced Emotional Focus Therapist and an International Trainer who works with various target groups in South Eastern Europe and in The Netherlands. Ms. Danon is additionally a Board Member of the Dutch Society for Relationships and Family (NVRG).

Mrs. Silvija Deskova - Krstevska

SIEC Consultant and Trainer

Mrs. Silva is a lawyer who additionally holds and M.A. in Human Resources. Mrs. Deskova-Krstevska has more than 27 years of working experience and expertise in implementing projects for various national and international companies. Her expertise as a business owner and a personal development trainer are a valuable asset that will be used for future SIEC consultancy activities and for transferring knowledge in business management, key competencies, communication, team building and personal development. Mrs. Deskova-Krstevska is interested in using her business skills and transforming her past work experiences into social entrepreneurship projects, with a special focus on gender equity and positive parenting.

Mrs. Olivera Trajkovska

SIEC Consultant / Trainer / PR

Mrs. Trajkovska is an experienced Special Event Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in Social Media, Training, Research, Public Speaking, and Public Relations. She is also an NGO activist, a writer and a blogger. She supports SIEC team with regards to the topics of positive parenting, gender equity, education, employment and social entrepreneurship issues.

Mrs. Barbara Sadowska

International Advisory Board Member on Social Entrepreneurship

Expert in Social Innovation Policy and Social Entrepreneurship Development with more than 30 years of experience in work integration of disadvantage groups, social innovation/social entrepreneurship development and social finance. She has second to none experience of more than 26 years in developing, implementing and establishing policy measures, programmes/projects and services in the area of social enterprises.

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Our partners



Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association is an organization that fosters long term relationships with existing and future alumni members. Also, it is a dedicated partner of the School of Leaders under the auspices of the President of R.Macedonia D-r Gjorge Ivanov, and provides support to its members and the society.

Barka Foundation

Barka Foundation

The basis of Barka's work is building a culture of solidarity, based on mutual assistance,interpersonal and social relations. During the 30 years, a complementary system of assistance to socially excluded and marginalized people has been developed.



EPTISA Regional Office for SEE has acquired an extensive experience when it comes to international projects financed by donors such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation, etc.

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