During the Roma Education Fund supported tutoring project for Roma children, NGOs SIEC and Ambrela have gathered valuable project experiences and together with the Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, Humanitarian and Charitable Association of Roma Mesecina – HCRA and Association Initiative for Social Change – InSoC Gostivar who share the same or similar project experiences, have sent a recommendation letter to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bureau for the Development of Education, noting down the main challenges for Roma children in online learning process, such as: lack of internet access / IT technologies for online education participation, lack on the side of families to assist their children on a daily basis, lack of a supportive home environment and learning home conditions for doing daily homework and following online education, lack of availability of families to the school staff (due to the lack of telephones, tablets, other IT
technologies needed for home schooling), lack of regular / optimal contact between schools and families, lack of technical means, support, skills on using online education (teachers, parents, children), an immense amount of daily responsibilities for teachers, parents, children. As consequences, a wider education gap, school drop-out, deeper social exclusion discrimination and stigmatization will strongly be present among Roma and other deprived and excluded children and their families – in this light, the national institutions should take additional measures to support all marginalized groups of citizens during the online learning process starting from September 2020

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