Corona Connects! – despite the corona scare and the social distancing measures, the lack of mutual connections, NGOs in the region are trying to connect, even if it is online. The region is trying to find ways to support each other. In this light, SIEC and USPIT from BiH have exchanged collaboration ideas and have found common-ground topics such as gender equity, combating gender stereotypes and prejudices, psycho-social support for the marginalized groups of citizens, personal development etc.  
In the summer period, we shall collaboratively design and implement a series of online workshops that will be beneficial for the citizens in the Western Balkans region – some of the workshops will be gratis while others will be of commercial nature, taking into consideration their availability. The workshops will be given in the local languages Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / MNG, while Macedonian participants can also follow the workshops using own language. The 1st workshop on Trans-Generational Family was organized by our new partner USPIT o the 22nd of May 2020, while SIEC was an international organisation from the region.


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